2019 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

This juicy cabernet sauvignon holds a rich purple hue in the glass. Floral aromas of violets and lavender fill the nose. The palate is bold with flavors of luxardo cherries, dark black fruits and a welcomed density. This full bodied wine finishes slightly dry with notes of rich fruit.


95% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Malbec


Paso Robles






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Due to a colder winter, a mild spring and only a few 100 plus degree heat spikes in the summertime, the 2019 harvest was two to three weeks later than previous years. A relatively gentle growing season, a later harvest and mild weather provided longer hang time for the grapes on the vine, allowing the fruit to evenly develop rich color and more complex flavors. With a strong backbone of cabernet sauvignon, a small dose of malbec was blended in to soften the wine with delicate fruit flavors.

With a rich palate, this wine will stand up to various meat dishes such as char gilled ribeye steak or a Portobello mushroom burger with melted blue cheese. This cabernet sauvignon is sure to please at your next grill out.

“This is a fairly amazing wine for the price, competing with bottlings that are four times the cost. Deep and dark aromas of black cherry, caramel, cocoa, espresso bean and oregano lead into a grippy palate, where pinpoint, sandy tannins frame dense flavors of black currant and coffee grinds.”

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